Why People Don’t Trust Human Resources

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In every organization, there is always one department that is the source of headaches and drama: Human Resources. This group is responsible for hiring, firing, benefits, and all the other sensitive issues that come with managing a workforce. And yet, they are often seen as the villains instead of the superheroes they can be. In this blog post, we’ll explore why people don’t trust Human Resources and how you can use them to your advantage.

The Organizational Villain

The primary reason many employees don’t trust Human Resources is because they are perceived as the organizational villain. Human Resources gets involved in sensitive issues that involve people’s livelihoods, such as firing employees or denying benefits.

Because of this, Human Resources is often seen as a negative force instead of a helpful one. It can be hard to trust someone when their job involves making decisions that could potentially cost you your job or cause other negative consequences. Human Resources is also often seen as a faceless entity, making it hard to connect with people in the department on a personal level.

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What Does Human Resources Actually Do?

The bottom line is… the primary goal of Human Resources is to 1) create a safe workplace and 2) ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

While they do have other responsibilities like hiring and managing benefits, Human Resources is primarily focused on making sure everyone in the organization follows the rules and stays safe.

Human Resources also serves as a mediator between employees and management, helping to bridge any communication gaps that may exist.

How Can You Use Human Resources to Your Benefit?

1. Providing Career Growth Recommendations: Human Resources can be a great resource when it comes to offering career growth recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a new job within the company or wanting to advance your skills, Human Resources can provide guidance and advice.

2. Supporting Health and Wellness: Human Resources can provide resources, such as health and wellness programs and mental health services, to help employees stay healthy and productive.

3. Offering Continuing Education Opportunities: Human Resources can help employees develop their skills and knowledge by offering continuing education opportunities.

4. Help Understand Benefits and Organizational Policies: Human Resources can also be a great resource for understanding the finer details of organizational policies and benefits.

5. Protect You From Harassment: Human Resources should be the first point of contact if you ever feel that you are being harassed or discriminated against in the workplace. They can provide guidance and offer resources to help make sure your rights are respected.

Human Resources is often seen as a negative force, but they can actually be a great asset to employees. Human Resources serves an important purpose in any organization, and it is important to remember that they are there to help everyone succeed. By understanding Human Resources’ role and how you can use them to your advantage, you can ensure a better workplace for everyone.


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