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Why Mastering “Focus” Should Be Your Top-Most Skill

Have you ever noticed yourself zoned out of focus into another dimension while attending your Zoom meeting? Or you have become so resilient that procrastination is now your middle name? In this fast-paced world, it is undoubtedly sure that everyone wants to succeed. And to succeed, they struggle to make pace with the speed of […]

Psychology of Successful Leaders

photo of woman wearing eyeglasses

Have you ever wondered what makes successful leaders “successful”? Let’s dive into the psychology of successful leaders to find out. What makes top leaders in business today effective?

Excitement, Leadership, and Purpose – Interview with Dream in Colors Media

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I recently had an interview with Dream in Colors Media to discuss my book–Harness Your Butterflies. We talk about excitement, leadership, and purpose in this interview. To me, excitement, leadership, and purpose are some key components to developing a strong career that you’re proud of. Check out this leadership interview which is packed with book […]

Leadership Book Unboxing – Harness Your Butterflies

Harness Your Butterflies Plant Picture

I’m so excited to announce my new leadership book is here — Harness Your Butterflies! I wanted to film the book unboxing for you to share my excitement and offer thanks to everyone who’s supported me thus far. In this book, I cover leadership development, career development, and management skills as well as tools to […]

First-Time Leader’s Guide to Management

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Here’s your First-Time Leader’s Guide to Management! Are you a first-time leader looking for management essentials to managing your team? If you’re a first time manager, this video is for you. I cover new manager tips, new manager’s first steps, and how to be a new manager. I cover leadership skills development for first-time managers […]

How to Play Office Politics to Your Advantage (And Avoid the Drama)

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How to play office politics to your advantage? This week we’re talking about playing office politics and workplace politics. Office politics affect everyone, whether you want them to or not. Have you asked yourself, “how to play office politics?” If so, I have office politics tips for how to deal with office politics. This video […]

Managing Remote Employees (While Still Being Yourself)

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This week I’m covering managing remote employees while still being yourself! If you’re managing remote employees or managing remote teams, this is for you. Virtual teams and remote worker’s best practices are common in today’s workforce. And managing remote workforce and leading remote teams is becoming especially common with new technology and pressures for employees […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome (and Be a Better Leader)

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This week we talk about How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Be a Better Leader. If you’ve struggled with How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome, this video is for you. Imposter syndrome (Impostor syndrome) is a common feeling many leaders have–am I good enough? In this video, I discuss: what is imposter syndrome, overcoming impostor syndrome […]

Making a Career Change Successfully in 2020

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Are you making a career change successfully in 2020? Making a career change can be hard and time-consuming, but with the right approach, you will be successful. In this video, I talk about how to change careers, changing jobs, career change, career advice, and career change tips. Whether you are doing a career change in […]