Harness Your Butterflies: The Young Professional’s METAMORPHOSIS to an Exciting Career

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Are you looking for a new career development book?

Do you want to learn how to harness your butterflies and create a career full of passion and purpose? If so, then Harness Your Butterflies is the perfect book for you.

It’s an action plan that will help demystify your professional future. You’ll be able to follow it every step of the way as you work toward creating a fulfilling career.

This isn’t just another self-help book – it’s an action plan that will help demystify your professional future and provide all the steps necessary to get there. You’ll be able to follow this guide every step of the way as you work toward creating a fulfilling career.

And best yet, once you’ve finished reading this book, we guarantee that everything about your job search will feel different! No more stress or confusion over what comes next in your life; instead, clarity on how to achieve success at whatever path makes sense for YOU!

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In Harness Your Butterflies you’ll learn:

  1. A step by step plan for creating a fulfilling career
  2. How to identify your passions and what you want in life
  3. The different ways to find the job of your dreams (without any online applications!)
  4. How to work on your personal development every day with little actions that will make a big difference
  5. What it means to have a “calling” and how you can tell if this is for you.
  6. Why passion comes before profit, and why money should never be the driving force behind what we choose to do with our lives. For both my clients as well as myself when I was an executive consultant, I learned that the key to a successful career is finding your balance between what you love and what you’re good at.
  7. Harnessing your butterflies means harnessing passion and purpose in every choice we make, from our careers to how we spend our free time. It means making choices based on what makes us happy and fulfilled as individuals.

Book Description

You’ve been told to follow your dreams and hustle hard–that’s how you build a successful career. But when you’re starting out as a professional, that advice can feel empty and confusing. No one hands you the real steps to do it. 

Harness Your Butterflies by Benjamin Preston is your action plan to demystify your professional future and help you create a career full of passion and purpose.

Walk through the decisions that sculpt your future work, starting with discovering what excites you and easily navigate the most vulnerable time in your career: The beginning. Learn job-building strategies to guide you through the following decades of your career.

In today’s rapidly changing business world, there are very few set job paths. Discover the foundational development tools that professionals have taken years to learn on their own in one easy-to-follow handbook. Set yourself up for happiness with this empowering guide to a satisfying and successful career.