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Create Your Perfect Career.

You’re in search of a career that lights you up inside, but where do you start?

Your journey starts here.

Benjamin Preston wrote Harness Your Butterflies: The Young Professional’s Metamorphosis to an Exciting Career to provide insight, strategies, and inspiration to young professionals striving to create an exciting career.

It’s time for you to stand confident and take on the world. 

All of us have ambitions to be great, but struggle to begin. You want to navigate your career effortlessly, and it’s never been easier to create the career of your dreams (if you know the right moves to make). Do you have the courage to take the first step?

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Harness Your Butterflies

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About Benjamin Preston

I’m an author, speaker, and adventurer.

I believe we all have the ability to live purposeful lives today. I’m passionate about helping people harness their butterflies and create the job of their dreams.

I have experience in a number of business areas and have worked with clients ranging from one-person startup to $1 Billion enterprises.

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