Set Boundaries with a Toxic Boss

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It’s not easy dealing with a toxic boss. They may be manipulative, verbally abusive or just plain rude. It can be hard to set boundaries with them because they are usually in positions of authority. However, it is possible and necessary to maintain your sanity! In this blog post I’ll discuss how you can set boundaries with a toxic boss so that you can work without feeling like you’re being mistreated.

Enlist the Help of Others

One way that might help is by getting the support of others who are also dealing with difficult managers at work such as human resources or other senior co-workers. You could even enlist their aid in writing an official complaint against your manager if there has been ongoing abuse which caused damage to company property, loss of productivity or other issues.

You could also ask other colleagues how they deal with difficult managers and how you can work better together as a team.

Know What Bad Behavior Looks Like

Don’t respond to their emails or phone calls if they are demeaning. You don’t have to engage with them in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, send a short email saying how busy you are and politely end the conversation.

You could even consider blocking their number so that they can no longer contact you by phone!

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Keep Things Professional

Ignore all their rude comments when it comes to appearance or personal life choices (such as being single). Even though your boss is older than you, this doesn’t give them license to judge how successful of an adult you’ve become since leaving high school! While it’s okay for friends/family members to offer advice on how things would be better if only…don’t take kindly to a toxic person offering unsolicited advice.

Own Your Work

If they seem to be taking credit for your work, then calmly mention how the idea came from you and how it would have never been as successful without your input.

This will make them think twice about trying anything like that again! Not only is this good for protecting yourself against their bad behavior but also shows how capable you are of handling things on your own.

If all else fails, consider moving onto another company where there’s a more positive environment or better yet…start doing publicity for yourself so no one can treat you unfairly ever again!

Setting boundaries with a toxic boss is difficult, but it’s possible. You can enlist the support of others and know how to deal with bad behavior so that you aren’t mistreated. Own your work, keep things professional and ignore all their rude comments about appearance or personal choices. It’ll be tough but once they see how capable you are, they’ll think twice about how to treat you.


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