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Work-Life Balance Strategies to Reclaim Your Time

Struggling with your work schedule and feeling overwhelmed? If you’re like me, you constantly are walking the balancing act of work vs. life. I have six work-life balance strategies to better reclaim your time. Strategy One: Define Working Hours This first work-life balance strategy may sound basic… but stick with me. You have several spheres […]

Dealing with a Toxic Manager (Your Toxic Boss Survival Guide)

Are you in a tough situation, and you’re dealing with a toxic manager? I know what you’re going through… been there, done that.  Surviving a toxic boss can take real effort, and I’ve outlined 5 ways you can deal with a toxic manager. Before you jump into the tips, just remind yourself you’re not crazy […]

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself At Work

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No matter how positive you are, demotivation can kick in at work. Even those people, who maintain positivity around them and keep themselves away from negativity, also feel like they are stuck in a rut. But the fact is, you have to struggle against motivation and bring yourself out of this confusion. Nothing will work […]

Signs Your Boss Wants to Promote You


If you’ve been a strong performer at work, you might be wondering when you’re getting a promotion. The truth is, many companies want to promote top performers, and there are some clear signs your boss wants to promote you (if you can spot them).  1. You’re Working on High-Profile Projects Are your projects high-profile? That […]

5 Reasons Finding a Great Mentor Is Essential to Your Career Path

Where are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there and not somewhere else? While some of these are questions that you and you alone can answer, having input from others who have been there before can be incredibly valuable. Finding a great mentor allows you to benefit from the experience and knowledge […]