Do This When a Coworker Thinks They Are a Manager

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When a coworker believes they have the authority to manage you, it’s important to take action carefully and thoughtfully. It’s essential to ensure that your relationship with them isn’t damaged by addressing their behaviour.

Why Coworkers Think They’re In Charge

Before you can resolve the situation, it’s important to understand why the coworker in question may think they have authority over you. Generally, this type of behavior is caused by one or more of these factors:

1) The coworker may be trying to fit into their new role and become accepted by others in the workplace.

2) They may feel insecure and need to assert their authority.

3) The coworker may simply not understand the hierarchy of the workplace or their role within it.

This is an important distinction to make, as it will determine how you approach the situation.

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Steps to Resolving the Issue

Once you have determined why your coworker believes they are a manager, there are several steps you can take to address their behaviour.

Step One: Untangle to Dynamic

If a coworker is acting like your boss, it’s not coming out of nowhere. Your relationship with them has likely been twisted in some way due to their false perception of authority.

The first thing you’ll need to do is reflect on the dynamic you have with this coworker. Have you needed them to guide you in the past? Is your boss asking them to chip in? Reflect on the subtle ways you may have been enabling their behaviour.

Step Two: Do Your Research

Before you confront your coworker, make sure you know and understand the structure of your workplace. Do some research into who is actually in charge of what tasks or duties, and consider if any changes need to be made to reinforce this information.

You’ll need to also understand what or who enables your coworker to behave this way? re they being given tasks or directives from higher up that may make them feel like they have authority? Do they act this way with other coworkers?

Step Three: Speak Up

Once you have done your research and understand the dynamics in place, it’s time to address the issue with your coworker. It is important that you remain calm and courteous when speaking with them, as this will help them understand their behaviour is not acceptable.

Explain to them that their role in the workplace does not give them the authority they have been taking, and that it is important for everyone to respect the chain of command within the company. If necessary, provide examples of how this behaviour has caused disruption or discomfort among other coworkers.

Step Four: Keep Your Boundaries

If your coworker refuses to accept that their behaviour is wrong, then it is important to keep your boundaries. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and make sure you are not overstepping the authority of other coworkers.

Be firm in your stance and remind them that this behaviour will not be tolerated in the workplace. If necessary, speak to a manager or supervisor about the issue so that they can provide further guidance.

By following these steps, you will be able to ensure that your coworker understands their place in the workplace and respects the chain of command. This will help everyone work together more effectively and create a more harmonious environment for all.


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