Signs Your Coworker is Threatened by You

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If you’ve been outperforming your colleagues and crushing your goals, you might be the target of some passive-aggressive behavior. Here are six signs that your coworker is threatened by you. If you see any of these behaviors, don’t take it personally – just keep excelling and doing your thing!

They avoid eye contact with you and seem uncomfortable when you’re around

When someone avoids eye contact and seems uncomfortable when you’re around, paying attention to their body language can help you determine what is going on. They may be preoccupied with something else and not fully engaged in the conversation.

It could also be a sign they don’t feel comfortable with you or aren’t feeling very well. To get a better understanding of the situation, it’s important to ask questions so that person can offer more insight as to why they are feeling this way. Doing this helps build trust between two people and allows for open communication between them.

They go out of their way to undermine your ideas or discredit your work

Unfair criticism can be difficult to cope with and it’s even worse when it comes from someone who is supposed to have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, in some cases, loved ones go out of their way to undermine your ideas or discredit your work – commenting on your choices, suggesting ulterior motives behind successes or perceived failures and even trying to control what kind of decisions you make.

This sort of criticism doesn’t come from a place of love and support, the true hallmarks of a supportive relationship; instead, it’s an effort to gain dominance over you and your goals. No matter how aggravating or frequent these attempts may be, it’s important to know that what they’re doing is unacceptable and that you don’t have any obligation to put up with it.

They gossip about you behind your back or try to turn others against you

Dealing with people who gossip about you or try to turn others against you can be a frustrating and emotionally draining experience. It can take time to build trust and reputations, only to have them destroyed by one person’s malicious words. Unfortunately, when it comes down to something like this, there is little you can do directly.

If the situation becomes unbearable, the best answer is usually to remove yourself from the gossipers’ sphere of influence—or at least limit your interactions with them as much as possible. No one should ever feel unsafe or mistreated due to someone else’s words or actions, and once this line has been crossed, cutting ties is generally the safest and easiest way forward.

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They take credit for your ideas or try to steal the spotlight whenever possible

Working with someone who always tries to take credit for your ideas or attempts to steal the spotlight can be a disheartening experience. Not only does it diminish your accomplishments but, it also hinders your ability to take pride in your achievements. When someone doesn’t acknowledge our contributions and hard work, it can lead to feelings of demoralization, frustration, and insincerity.

It is important to set clear boundaries when addressing this type of behaviour and remain focused on advancing in your career without letting the actions of this individual pull you back. It may take some time but standing up for what’s right and continuing to demonstrate excellence in all aspects will ultimately allow you reap the rewards from the fruits of your labour.

They give you the silent treatment or refuse to speak to you altogether

The silent treatment is one of the most frustrating communication breakdowns we can experience. It can seem like a statement as loud as any other, but without any words. Our brains tend to interpret it as a sign of disapproval and disapproval can quickly lead to hurt feelings, especially if it carries on for days or weeks.

If someone is using this tactic against you, it’s important to firstly reassure yourself that you are worthy of respect and kindness – regardless of the behaviour directed your way. Secondly, it can be beneficial to face the issue head-on by gently raising the topic with your partner and asking them how they feel safe expressing themselves in difficult times. By providing a safe space for both parties, who knows what could be unlocked and learned through an honest dialogue – healing strained relationships one conversation at a time.

They make snide comments or passive-aggressive remarks designed to put you down

Passive-aggressive comments are a particularly insidious form of negative communication because they are intended to put the other person down without the speaker feeling directly responsible. This type of behavior can be difficult to manage because it often seems to come out of nowhere and is often couched in ambiguous terms which make it difficult to confront.

The best strategy when dealing with passive-aggressive comments is to remain calm, make your position crystal clear, and call out the behavior for what it is. Keeping up your defenses and not letting yourself be pushed around will ensure that you are taken seriously and respected for standing up for yourself.

If you find yourself constantly running into these types of behaviors from others, it’s a good indication that you’re dealing with a toxic person. The best thing you can do is to distance yourself from them as much as possible and try to limit your interactions. This can be difficult if the person is someone you have to see on a regular basis, but it’s important for your own mental health and well-being. Have you ever had to deal with a toxic person? What did you do to put an end to the situation?


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