6 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Trust You

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Many people think that signs of a boss not trusting their employees are just in the form of micromanaging and overbearing behavior. However, there are many signs your boss doesn’t trust you.

Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Trust You

1. They make you do your work in front of them

It is not normal for your boss to watch you work. It makes it more difficult for you to do the task at hand because they are looking over your shoulder.

How can someone focus on doing their job when they feel like someone is always watching them?  If this happens, take a step back and ask yourself why he or she is doing this.

2. You are constantly being watched or monitored

If your boss constantly asks you where you are going and who you are meeting with, it is a sign that they do not trust you.

You cannot be the best worker if your every move is being watched or monitored by someone else. If this happens to me, I would ask myself what actions have been made in the past that lead to this response.

When someone does not trust you, then the relationship cannot be a good one. There needs to be mutual respect between both parties for there to truly be a successful working environment and relationship with your boss.  

3. They don’t allow you to show initiative

Many people think that signs of a boss not trusting their employees are just in the form of micromanaging and overbearing behavior. However, there are many signs your boss doesn’t trust you.

When someone doesn’t allow you to show initiative or go beyond what they ask, it is an indication that they do not truly believe in your work ethic or value your opinion.

If this is happening to you, then it’s time for a serious conversation with your boss about why these signs of them not trusting you are occurring. It may be the first step in finding out what needs improvement so that they can trust you again and start allowing for more freedom at work.

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4. Your boss is always checking up on you, making sure that you’re doing what they ask 

When someone doesn’t trust you, they are constantly checking up on your work to make sure that everything is done.

If this becomes the norm for how things go when working with them then it can be frustrating and cause undue stress in life.

It’s important that everyone feel like they have some kind of autonomy at their job so if signs like these are occurring, it is time to speak up and discuss the situation.

5. When your boss asks for help with something, they only want it if it’s done their way 

Bosses who don’t trust their employees tend to want things done exactly how they would do it and not necessarily the way that you know is right.

Your boss needs to value your opinion and input on tasks, if signs like this start showing up then something needs to change. It may be time for a conversation with them about how their signs of them not trusting you are starting to affect your work.

If they don’t trust you, then you cannot build the kind of relationship that will be beneficial for both parties involved moving forward with employment.  

6. You feel like your boss doesn’t care about how hard you work

One of the signs that your boss doesn’t trust you is when they are not interested in what you think or how hard you work.

They may just be so caught up with their own agenda, but if signs like these start showing up both parties need to sit down and discuss where things can go from there.

The signs of them not trusting you can be affecting your performance and causing dissatisfaction in the workplace. It’s important to have open communication with your boss so that everyone knows where they stand when it comes to their level of trust for one another.

These are signs that a person doesn’t necessarily want to see, but need to be acknowledged when they start showing up.

Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Trust You in a Nutshell

If you are worried about your boss not trusting you, the best way to improve their trust is by being transparent. Share everything that’s going on with them and ask for advice when needed.

You can also show loyalty by taking extra steps to ensure they come out looking good in all situations. We encourage you to be honest with yourself if any of these signs apply – it’s never too late for an improvement!


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