Signs Your Boss Trusts You (and How to Build Trust)

Trust in teams is the key indicator of long-term performance success. So you might be asking… does my boss trust me? Here are six signs your boss trusts you.

1) You’re in Charge

A strong sign your boss trusts you is that you are put informally in charge of projects or initiatives. Typically supervisors give the hardest or most dynamic projects to their most trusted team members. So in your case, you may notice that you’re being “volun-told” to do certain projects.

While it might be frustrating to be constantly bogged down with work, it’s a great sign your boss trusts you.

2) You’re Told Confidential Information

Are you the go-to person when it comes to being a sounding board for confidential information and operational changes? That’s a sign your boss trusts you.

Managers will look at team members to bounce ideas off of, and if that’s you, that’s an indicator your boss values your insights and thought process. Being told confidential information is not the same as gossiping, so don’t mistake the two.

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3) Your Boss Wants Your Opinion

Like I said in #2, if your boss values your opinion, you’re most likely going to get asked for your opinion more often. That’s a great signs your boss trusts you!

It could be an opinion on workflow, a project, or even their outfit. Whatever that might look like, if your boss is coming to you asking for your opinion, it’s a good sign your boss trusts you.

4) You’re the Go-To in a Crisis

When things go wrong, who does your boss turn to? Hopefully you…

If you’re the go-to in a crisis, it’s a signs your boss trusts you. Whether it’s a small customer issue or a major crisis, you want to make sure you’re the one who can be the support under those stressful circumstances. Your boss may delegate projects or support tasks when things go wrong, and if those go to you, that’s a great sign your boss trusts you.

5) You’re the Team Mentor

Let’s say a new employee just started on your team, who’s the person who mentors them and shows them the ropes? If your boss is delegating that to you, it’s a sign that your boss trusts you.

It’s a sign that your boss trusts you to influence and teach positive cultural traits to the new employee. A new team member is like a sponge, and whatever they’re exposed to will shape their long-term experience.

6) Your Boss Ignores You

Lastly, if your boss ignores you, it’s a strong indicator that you have earned trust. It might sound counterintuitive, but when your boss lets you do your own thing, it’s a really good sign!

Most bosses who don’t trust employees tend to micromanage, so the opposite is a boss who let’s you be autonomous.

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