6 Simple Ways to Make Your Boss Love You Even More

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We all want to be the apple of our boss’s eye, don’t we? Now, before you start imagining scenarios out of a cheesy office sitcom, let’s get real. We’re talking about cultivating a professional relationship that’s based on respect, trust, and maybe a dash of charm! So, buckle up, as we delve into the top 6 ways to make your boss love you even more.

What Bosses Look For In a Team

Before we look at the step by step ways to make your boss love you, we first have to understand what bosses look for when building a team. You have to remember that your boss’s job is not only about managing you, but it’s also about leading the team to success. So here are some of the key qualities they look for in their team members:

  • Diligence and Reliability
  • Positive Attitude
  • Independent Thinking
  • Respectful Communication
  • Passion for the Job

Based on research by the Society for Human Resource Management, these are some of the top qualities that employers value in their employees. Keep these in mind as we move on to ways you can improve your relationship with your boss.

Simple Skill #1: Self-Accountability

A great way to impress your boss is by taking on responsibilities without being asked. This shows that you are self-motivated and take ownership of your work. Take initiative in completing tasks, meeting deadlines, and always be ready with solutions when faced with problems.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Keep track of your own progress and have a clear understanding of what is expected from you.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes, apologize when necessary, and work towards finding solutions.
  • Take on additional tasks willingly, but make sure it doesn’t affect the quality of your primary responsibilities.

Simple Skill #2: Know Your Role on the Team

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities within the team. This not only shows that you are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, but also helps in collaborating with other team members effectively.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Communicate with your boss regularly to align your objectives with the team’s goals.
  • Be open to feedback and use it to improve your performance.
  • Understand the roles of your team members and be willing to offer help when needed.

Simple Skill #3: Be a Good Listener

Communication is a two-way street, and listening is just as important as speaking. Show your boss that you understand their expectations by actively listening to their instructions and feedback. This also helps in building trust and developing a strong working relationship.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Avoid interrupting or jumping to conclusions while your boss is talking.
  • Take notes during meetings to ensure that you understand all the information provided.
  • Ask for clarification if you are unsure about something, and follow up with your boss afterwards.

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Simple Skill #4: Be an Designated Expert

Become an expert in a specific area that is relevant to your job or team’s objectives. This not only adds value to the team, but also showcases your knowledge and skills to your boss.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Take initiative to research and learn about new trends and developments in your field.
  • Offer insights and suggestions for improvement based on your expertise.
  • Collaborate with your team members to share knowledge and learn from each other.

Simple Skill #5: Be a Solution Finder

Instead of always relying on your boss for solutions, take initiative and be proactive in solving problems that arise within the team. Show your boss that you are capable of handling challenges independently while also keeping them informed of any developments.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Approach problems with a positive attitude and focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the issue.
  • Use your problem-solving skills to identify possible solutions and present them to your boss for their input.
  • Take ownership of tasks and follow through until they are resolved.

Simple Skill #6: Have a Hobby Outside of Work

Having a hobby outside of work can help you recharge and de-stress, which in turn can make you more productive at work. Additionally, it shows your boss that you have interests and passions outside of the job.

How to Improve This Skill:

  • Find a hobby that you truly enjoy and make time for it regularly.
  • Use your hobbies as a way to learn new skills that you can apply in your job.
  • Share your hobbies with your boss and colleagues, as it can also help build relationships and create common interests.

In conclusion, it’s clear that making your boss love you isn’t about flattery or favoritism, but about consistently demonstrating your value within the team. By honing these straightforward skills, you can not only improve your working relationship with your boss but also enhance your overall performance and job satisfaction.

Remember, it’s the simple things that often have the most significant impact. Taking initiative, continuous learning, problem-solving, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are qualities that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. So, don’t hesitate to invest time in these areas, and watch your professional relationships flourish.

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