Make a Major Life Change (Even When You’re Scared)

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The major life change that you’ve been dreaming of. You’ve thought about it for a while now, and the idea is starting to grow on you. But there’s one major problem: fear. Is your heart racing? Are you sweating? Does your stomach feel like it’s in knots? If so, then know that these are all normal reactions to major life changes! In this blog-post we’re going to talk about how to make major life changes even when you’re scared!

1. It’s important to know what you want

The first step in major life change is to know what you want.

Do some soul-searching and figure out exactly why it is that you’re so interested in making this major transformation happen.

Think about your future, think about people who are important to you, and get clear on how the new major life change will affect them positively or negatively.

This makes major life change so much easier because you have a clear idea of what major transformation will actually look like.

2. Start by making a list of the pros and cons of your current situation

Once you know what you want, it’s time to start thinking about the current situation. Make a list of the pros and cons of staying in your current job, living in your current city, or being in your current relationship.

This can be really helpful because it allows you to see things more objectively and figure out if making a major life change is really what you want.

Take some time to think about the major pros and cons of your current situation, but also take a look at each major con more closely.

  1. Is it something that can be changed?
  2. Could you get over this major fear if given enough time or space?
  3. Does this major con seem like a big deal in a month?

Asking yourself these major life questions can help you see that major changes aren’t always as scary as they seem. Sometimes, making a major life change is simply something that we’re afraid of doing because it’s new and unknown!  

Now get to work on the next list: pros and cons for your major transformation idea if things go according to plan.

This is where you list out all of the amazing things that could happen if you make this major life change: new job, new city, new relationship!

3. Be realistic about your expectations for yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself either – it can take time to adjust

One of the major fears that people have when it comes to making a major life change is that they’re not going to be able to handle it.

This fear can keep us stuck in our current situation for years because we’re convinced that we won’t be able to make the transition successfully.

It’s important to be realistic about your major life change, but it’s also important not to be too hard on yourself.

It can take time for major changes to feel natural and normal!

For example, if you’re thinking about switching jobs, maybe consider taking a more manageable step first like asking your boss for new responsibilities or updating your resume before applying to major positions outside of your company.

This gradual step will help to ease the fear of making a major life change while also helping you get closer to your goal!

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4. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at some blogs or talking to someone who has made a major life change recently 

If you’re still having major doubts about making a major life change, then it might be helpful to contact someone who has already made the major transformation that you’re considering.

Maybe there’s a blogger out there with an interesting story and tips for how they were able to make their major life change happen successfully!

Or maybe talking through your major life change with a close friend or family member can help you see things from another major perspective and realize that what you’re feeling is perfectly normal.

5. Talking with people who have made the same kind of changes in their lives is also a good way to figure out if this is something you really want 

When it comes to making a major life change, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

What works for someone else might not work for you and that’s okay!

The best way to figure out if making this particular major life change is right for you is by talking with people who have already made the same kind of major transformation.

For example, maybe you’re considering moving to a new city for your major life change because that’s what someone else did successfully!

Talking with this person can help you figure out if it’s something worth trying or not. You’ll likely be able to get tons of great information on how they made their major life change happen and what they would have done differently if they could go back.

6. Remember that there are no guarantees when it comes to changing your life – but if you don’t do anything, nothing will change!

At the end of the day, major life changes aren’t always perfect.

There are no guarantees that your major transformation will go according to plan and there’s a lot that could happen along the way!

However, making a major lifestyle change is worth it if you’re willing to work hard and take some risks! If you don’t do anything, then nothing will change.

7. You deserve happiness; make it happen! 

This is the most important thing to remember when it comes to making a major life change: you deserve happiness and you can make it happen!

You are in control of your own life and no one else. If you want something bad enough, then go for it – major changes require major effort but they’re worth it in the end!


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