Marketing vs Advertising: What’s the Difference?

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There are marketing professionals, marketing agencies, marketing managers and marketing consultants. There are also advertising specialists, ad agencies, ad managers and advertisers. Marketing vs. Advertising… What is the difference?

– Marketing is a broad term that includes everything from market research to branding campaigns to social media marketing.

– Advertising refers specifically to paid messages in traditional or digital media outlets such as newspapers, magazines or TV commercials.

Marketing Overview

Marketing is a process of promoting, selling and distributing goods or services. Marketing includes every activity involved in making goods known to potential customers so they are readily available when needed.

This concept also applies for services offered by companies e.g., banking institutions, airlines etc. The main purpose of marketing is customer satisfaction i.e.; the end users get what they want at fair price with quality service after sales support.

Marketing takes place on three levels: macro (which refers to national/global), mezzo (regional) & micro (individual). A company’s marketing goals can be broad or specific depending upon the market share it wants to achieve within its industry category – this may affect how long an organization will take to accomplish their goals.

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Advertising Overview

Advertising is a form of marketing that uses mass media to reach customers. Purchasing an advertisement in a print, broadcast or digital medium is the marketing strategy. This helps to increase brand awareness and promote products.

Advertising campaigns are designed with specific marketing goals – such as raise consumer awareness of a new product launch or build up company’s image over competitors.

In order to be effective, it must catch attention, be relevant and give information. A marketing campaign can run for a few months or even years before achieving desired results, depending on the product’s life cycle.

How They Work Together

Marketing and advertising work together to help a business market its products.

Advertising is marketing that uses mass media – such as TV, radio or magazines – to reach many people at once with paid messages about the company’s goods or services.

An effective marketing plan includes both long-term goals (such as building brand awareness) and short-term marketing goals (such as product launches and advertising campaigns).

Many marketing departments work with an advertising agency to develop marketing plans that include a mix of paid, owned and earned media. Owned media refers to company’s own websites or social media pages – it can be the basis for developing content marketing strategies such as blogs, whitepapers, ebooks.

Marketing vs Advertising in a Nutshell

Marketing and advertising are marketing strategies that work together to help a business sell its products or services to consumers. Marketing is the overall strategic process while advertising is just one of several marketing tactics used in each strategy. To be successful marketers have to understand their target market, what motivates them and how they behave. Effective marketing requires proper planning and execution.


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