Top 10 Marketing Functions

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In marketing, there are a number of marketing functions that must be performed in order to achieve marketing goals. These functions include marketing research, marketing communication, and product marketing. The following blog post will provide an overview of these 10 different marketing functions!

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Here are 10 different marketing functions:

Market Research

Market research is responsible for marketing research and marketing intelligence. It also provides marketing with information to analyze marketing trends and assess potential areas of opportunity or risk for the organization. The marketing research process involves collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and action based on marketing intelligence that provides feedback into future marketing decisions.


The goal of marketing communication is to convey marketing messages that build brands and business reputations among target markets while encouraging desired consumer behaviors for the organizations’ products or services. Product Marketing: Business-to-business and


The marketing strategy process is the formalized approach to identifying, anticipating and fulfilling customer requirements profitably. Marketing strategies are developed by marketing managers in an organization with input from other members of management as well as various marketing participants (e.g., sales staff).

A marketing plan accompanies the marketing strategy. The goal of a marketing plan is to define marketing strategies that will achieve marketing objectives. A marketing plan can be part of a broader strategic business plan, which is the focus on planning at an organizational level (e.g., board-approved long range plans), while marketing strategy focuses on more tactical marketing issues and decisions within the context of the overall company mission.

Product Marketing

Product marketing refers to business-to-business or consumer goods that are marketed by manufacturers directly to other businesses or consumers respectively. As we can see from the above list of marketing functions, all marketing activities must have a specific

Advertising/Media Buying

The media buying team negotiates with media outlets to purchase ad space or time either in advance for future marketing campaigns, or on a short-term basis. If marketing managers are unhappy with the rates offered by specific media outlets, they can choose not to advertise through that medium again.


Another aspect of marketing functions is branding. This team is responsible for marketing decisions related to brands, trade names and trademarks. The branding team is also tasked with creating marketing materials like logo designs or slogans that will be used in various marketing campaigns.

Creative (Design, Copywriting, Videography)

Creative marketing teams are in charge of the marketing materials, such as print ads and online media. They also may create marketing videos, which are used to engage audiences and generate excitement about products or services.

Marketing Operations

A marketing operations team is responsible for marketing logistics. This includes warehousing products, sourcing materials from suppliers to sell in stores or online, and providing customer service when customers have questions about a product they purchased.

Customer Experience

Customer marketing teams are responsible for marketing efforts that promote customer loyalty. This may include marketing programs like rewards, contests or giveaways designed to encourage customers to remain loyal and continue purchasing products from the brand.

Public Relations

The marketing PR team is responsible for marketing communications that are designed to build, maintain and protect the image of an organization. The goal of public relations marketing is to generate positive media coverage about the brand or company.


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