Why Mastering “Focus” Should Be Your Top-Most Skill

Have you ever noticed yourself zoned out of focus into another dimension while attending your Zoom meeting? Or you have become so resilient that procrastination is now your middle name?

In this fast-paced world, it is undoubtedly sure that everyone wants to succeed. And to succeed, they struggle to make pace with the speed of the world and in this process, the most common problem occurs. And that problem is the loss of focus.

No matter how much time you spend on gaining different skills and acquiring various talents if you do not know how to put your focus in one direction and utilize it for your own good, everything, including your hard work, goes to waste.

More Dispersed Than Ever

Whether you believe it or not, your mind wanders in places even you don’t know. This is the major problem of our era. We do not have control over our minds. They are dispersed in different directions and can’t seem to make peace with a single thing.

It all happens because of the loss of focus and the failure to gain it back. You try to focus on one thing, but after giving in 2-5 minutes to that thing, your mind wanders here and there. But why does that happen? Can’t focus be mastered easily.

Well, it happens because we ourselves do not know what is our top-most priority and when doing things, our mind wanders and doesn’t stay in one place. All of our thoughts are seen scattered into an eternal void.

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Restlessness Of The Mind

Have you ever experienced sleeplessness? You toss and turn in your bed hoping to find a comfortable spot to sleep but every time you close your eyes, your mind goes restless and a million thoughts start spiraling in your mind.

Our mind is restless and does not know where to stand. We start to do one thing and end up doing the other. But what happens?

None of the tasks we perform are exceptional. And that is a fact!

Macro Focus Vs. Micro Focus

You need to know that focus is fundamental. And for that, you need to expose yourself to the truth.

Do you aspire to gain focus? Of course, you do. But before that, you should know that even focus has two types.

The major focus that everyone talks about is microfocus. It is the short-termed focus that you need to master in order to do everyday mundane tasks.

But the macro-focus is what defines your success. It is the long-term goal that you have defined for yourself. And in order to get successful, you need to adjust all your activities according to your ultimate goal with a macro focus.

Why Focus Is The Baseline For Your Success?

Let’s put in simpler stances. If you work hard for your goal, you get success. But if you steer away from the path you are supposed to walk on, you get away from your goal. Every step you take off the track of your goal, you move farther away from success.

And the primitive thing that keeps you on track is the focus. If you combine your micro-focus and steer it in the direction of your ultimate goal in the form of macro focus, only then can you succeed? And who doesn’t want success?

The Four P’s Of Success:

The major goal is success and happiness. For that, you need to go through the process of focusing on the four P’s of success:


Perform in the best way possible and before performing, gather all your strength to make sure that you do your best.


Process what you need to do. Focus on your strategy and how to do things in the most innovative manner that ensures your success.


Look at the present instead of the past. No matter how many mistakes you did in the past, you need to focus on the “Now”.


Focus on being productive and do whatever you can to achieve your goal. Do not sit idle into thinking that everything will happen on its own as it will not. It depends on you and your focus on productivity!

Training Your Mind Is Necessary

Attaining focus is not that easy. If you think that you can master focus just by doing the same things that you have been doing all along, then you are wrong. You need to train your mind into maintaining focus for a longer time.

Our mind processes thousands of thoughts in a single moment and if you think that is not enough, you need to know that your subconscious mind has its own little game and you can certainly not imagine what goes on in it.

How To Master Focus

Now comes the moment of truth and the moment the curtains unravel themselves. As it is predefined that focus is the most important skill that you need to master, here is how you will do it:

The 25-Minute Rule

Start with a small step. You may think that 25 minutes is a small-time and you need to go further. Then you should put yourself on a pause.

The reason why starting small is actually better is that you know that after 25 minutes, you will get a break. Due to the motivation, we give to our mind, it focuses a little better and a little more than usual.

Fix Your Sleeping Schedule

No matter how much caffeine intake you have, it can not replace the activeness achieved by having a good and peaceful sleep.

Your mind needs rest just as your body does. And the truth is, your mind will perform a thousand times better if it is fully “charged”.

The Sane Body

Only a sane body has a sane mind and asks whoever you want, they will answer the same. Go for a jog or try some yoga. You can opt for anything that keeps your body fresh and healthy.

Try fresh juices as they surely make you active and strengthen your mind.

Try Meditation

As your mind is filled to the brim with thoughts, stresses, and responsibilities, it needs to let go of all the anxiety. Try meditation as it will not only relax the muscles in your body but will also relax your mind.

Manage Your Phone Usage

The mobile phone; the biggest enemy of focus. I’m not suggesting you stop using your mobile phones. You should just put away your mobile phone when you are trying to focus on something as the notifications will create an urge to hold that mobile and use it.

Plan and Prioritize

This is the most important thing of all. Plan and prioritize your tasks. Why is that necessary? Well, when you are doing the small unnecessary tasks, your mind will still be stuck on the important ones and all that stress will cause you to lose focus and you will spend more time on each task. Try to plan and perform. Trust me, it will save your life!

Put Your Focus To Work!

Mastering your focus is certainly not easy. But it does not mean that it is impossible. You can do it if you can dream it. And most of all, once you get to experience how maintaining focus makes your life a hundred times better, you will ultimately start doing it.

You need to put your focus to work. And how will that happen? For that secret, just give yourself a good read of “Harness your Butterflies”. Focus on success? Now is the time to start!

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