3 Surprising Industries That Can Benefit from Career Mapping

Do you know where you’re headed? In 2020 it seems like none of us are quite sure where our next destination is, but that makes a clear vision more important than ever before. Whether you’re looking to get ahead in the tech industry or to take the next step in starting your own plumbing business, you might be surprised to learn how many industries can benefit from career mapping.

Career Mapping 101

Career mapping is one way to see different paths that your career or development could take. It goes beyond naming the different positions that you might occupy over the course of your career; it also takes a look at different transferable skills you will gain that could be used to help you reach the next level or even switch to another job path in the future. Career mapping is not only good for individuals trying to see how they could progress in a company or industry, but also for companies looking to increase employee engagement and retention through showing them what opportunities could be available. 

3 Surprising Industries That Could Benefit from Career Mapping

  1. Trades: Did you know that trades like plumbing, carpentry and electric work can all attract new apprentices and motivate existing workers through career mapping? Many skilled young adults and professionals are looking to get into trades and unsure of what opportunities exist within companies. Trades can benefit from career mapping that shows the journey from apprentice and beyond, and individuals already working as plumbers or electricians can learn a great deal about their transferable skills and potential paths.
  2. Tech: While career mapping might be more common in the tech industry, individuals often fail to benefit from career mapping due to moving from company to company or switching positions. Individuals can benefit from career mapping one-on-one to determine their long-term career trajectory and the steps that should occur to get them to their destination.
  3. Construction: The construction sector is broader than many young professionals realize, as within it there are opportunities to design, build and maintain all types of infrastructure. Construction and design companies can benefit from career mapping to help workers see all of the potential within the industry to move across to new positions or up to manage and take on more responsibility.

Start to Benefit from Career Mapping with Help from Benjamin Preston

Benjamin Preston works with young professionals and anyone craving a fulfilling career path through coaching, training, career mapping and workshops. Benjamin believes that we all have the ability to live purposeful lives today, and that we don’t need to keep putting off the career and life that we have always dreamed of. To learn more about his services for business and individuals, visit his website here.

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