Excitement, Leadership, and Purpose – Interview with Dream in Colors Media

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I recently had an interview with Dream in Colors Media to discuss my book–Harness Your Butterflies. We talk about excitement, leadership, and purpose in this interview.

You’re not alone in feeling nervous before a big interview.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for my book, and I know what it feels like to be on the other side of the table. In this interview, we talk about excitement, leadership, and purpose in your career. We also discuss practical steps you can take to help harness your butterflies when they show up!

If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas on how to approach an upcoming job interview with confidence–this is the place for you! This video will give you tips that are easy-to-implement so that next time you walk into an interview room–you’ll feel prepared and ready to tackle any question thrown at you!

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To me, excitement, leadership, and purpose are some key components to developing a strong career that you’re proud of. Check out this leadership interview which is packed with book launch details, practical steps to help you harness your butterflies, and leadership advice.

If you’re looking for leadership motivation or a leadership book, this interview is for you! It’s time for you to start leading with purpose.

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