Signs Your Boss Wants to Promote You


If you’ve been a strong performer at work, you might be wondering when you’re getting a promotion. The truth is, many companies want to promote top performers, and there are some clear signs your boss wants to promote you (if you can spot them). 

1. You’re Working on High-Profile Projects

Are your projects high-profile? That might be a sign your boss wants to promote you… By putting you in front of executives and decision makers, your boss is setting you up for a promotion down the road. 

High-profile projects are challenging and are set up to test your ability to handle stressful situations. Given the gravity of the work, acing a high-profile project can easily mean a road to a promotion. 

2. You’re Starting to Collaborate Across Departments

Has your boss asked you to start working across departments? That’s a sign your boss wants to promote you. Your boss is getting you to create a strong network before you get promoted. 

A strong network allows you to better collaborate and get projects done. With a stronger network, you will be a better manager, leader, and resource for the organization.  

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3. You’re Getting More Critical Feedback

Feeling like you’re getting more detailed feedback? It might be a sign your boss wants to promote you. If you’ve noticed your boss is being more critical than normal, you might get a little nervous. Usually what this means, given you’re still performing, is that your boss is trying to “iron out the wrinkles”. 

You may have habits or things that you still need to improve before you get a promotion. By addressing any issues now, your supervisor is saving you time and headache when you eventually land the big role. 

4. You’re Doing the New Job Already

Here’s a no brainer… if you’re already taking on the responsibilities of a higher role, you’re sure to be in line when the next promotion. 

It’s not as simple as just “doing the job”. If you’re owning the responsibilities of a higher title, your company may just be taking advantage of the extra support. What really sets you apart is the networking and influencing that you do while you’re doing the job. You need to execute the role and create a support network of executives who can advocate for you when your boss recommends the promotion. 

5. There’s Turnover Happening Above You

Lastly, if you’re seeing a lot of turnover at levels above yours, there is a good chance you can have internal mobility. Take advantage of the opportunity and begin having conversations with your boss about upward growth. 

You should position yourself to be the ultimate resource that the company can utilize in a bigger way. 


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