For Businesses


Whether you’re looking to scale your business or redefine your strategy, Benjamin Preston can work with you to modernize your business and set you on a path to innovate.


Continual employee development ensures your team is able to compete in today’s modern business environment. Available to do virtual and in-person sessions.


Marketing today is tricky… let Benjamin Preston take care of it for you. We run diverse, omnichannel campaigns to activate your customer and reinvigorate your brand.


Brainstorming on something new? Bring in an experienced facilitator to guide your team through the creative development process and get your project headed in the right direction.

For Individuals


Looking to elevate your career? Benjamin Preston offers one-on-one coaching with a free 45-minute consultation session to discuss your aspirations and goals.


Continual learning and growing with Benjamin Preston’s online training. Topic areas include finding your strengths, getting a promotion, and so much more.

Career Mapping

Not sure where to start in your career journey? Or scared you’re moving in the wrong direction? Work with Benjamin Preston to map your career tradjectory!


Join Benjamin Preston’s live workshops! These workshops are constantly changing and always engaging.

Let’s build something great together.