Getting Customers: Importance of Marketing Strategy


The importance of marketing strategy is often overlooked by many business owners. You might be wondering why it’s important or what you should do to make sure that your marketing strategy is successful. There are a few things that you can do before you even start on your marketing plan, but the most important thing is to have one in place!

Marketing is the key to getting customers

Marketing is the key to getting customers, but it’s also important for you to know where your target audience spends their time. Knowing this will help you better engage with them and ultimately drive more traffic back to your site. Marketing must be done on all fronts which include print ads, billboards , social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Think of marketing as a bridge from your business solution to a customer’s pain points. Marketing is the facilitation that shows them how your product or service will solve their dilemma. It’s also about building trust with your customer.

Define your marketing strategy

The importance of marketing strategy should be top priority. You need to define your strategy.

Are you targeting a niche audience or the general public, do you want to go viral, etc.?

A good marketing plan is vital in order for a business to have success and growth! A well written and thought out strategic approach will help you stand apart from your competitors when they try to imitate your model or copy your ideas–helping you stay ahead with what you know works best long term so that leads continue coming back month after month, year after year!

When thinking about strategy, it’s more than saying what you will do. It’s also important to say what you won’t do. Many business owners struggle to stay relevant on ALL platforms, when really it’s more cost effective to invest in one solid strategy that goes after a niche in an intimate way.

Create an outline for your marketing plan

What will be included in it and how long will it take to complete each task?

What resources will you need to complete each task?

Who is responsible for completing the tasks and who needs to sign off on it?

These questions should be answered before starting your marketing plan so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. No one wants surprises during a project!

Next, take some time to write out an outline or checklist of all the elements that go into making up your comprehensive marketing strategy. This can help motivate you along with providing accountability.

After this list has been created, now comes the fun part- actually putting pen (or pencil) to paper and crafting something incredible together as a team! It’s important not too loose sight of your goal though–you want to make sure everything ties back in with your strategy and that you’re not straying off course.

Learn to adapt your marketing plan if necessary! Even the best laid plans can fall through–it’s important to be able to roll with it and stay flexible when needed. No one knows what will happen in business, so it’s good practice for everyone involved to know how they’ll resolve setbacks and challenges as they come up.

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Start implementing your marketing plan by investing in your designated platforms

Part of your marketing plan may have included a customer experience map or a customer journey. While you map you’re customer’s journey, you may find they are using social media, search, emails, etc.  Marketing needs to be done on focused areas and should continue even after the initial implementation.

What you’ll find as you start implementing is that some aspects of your plan will work, and some won’t. You’ll need to be open minded and willing to adjust your strategy if needed.

You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time to see what happens! It may take a while for you get traction with new customers–be patient, stay diligent in continuing your marketing efforts, keep trying new things out until you find something that works best. Continuing to develop your plan is part of the importance of marketing strategy.

Evaluate success of campaign after 4-6 months and make changes accordingly if needed 

After a few months, you’ll have the information you need to determine if your marketing efforts are worth continuing or tweaking. If they aren’t producing results that meet your expectations, it’s time for some changes and adjustments!

If things went well and you’re starting to gain traction with new leads–congrats!–but don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Continue implementing what worked best as long as it looks like there is potential in those platforms. It’s important not to stop something before it has reached its full potential because then all of that hard work will be wasted!

It may take several iterations over the course of a year before an idea really seems profitable. You can continue making small tweaks here and there too along the way, but again it’s important not to get too far off course or you may find yourself back at square one.

Don’t be afraid of failure!  Experimenting with new ideas is a great way for everyone involved to learn something and make progress towards your company goals together. It’s also totally alright if some experiments fail- the only thing that matters is that you’re continuously improving along the way!

Addressing Problems with Marketing Strategy

If not successful with first attempt at reaching out to target market – think about changing your message or who you’re targeting. Sometimes your product is a fit for your market, but your market is resonating with your message. Think about your target market and how you can adapt to what works best.

Sometimes the issue is that a company has not targeted their marketing plan effectively or appropriately. If this happens, think about taking some time apart from each other in order to clear heads before coming back together with fresh perspective on things! It might be beneficial for everyone involved to take a step back before moving forward in order to get the best results.

The importance of marketing strategy here is to assess what’s working and what is not.

If unsuccessful with second attempt at reaching out to target market – consider changing how often you reach out (daily vs monthly emails), change when content is posted on social media channels (try posting during peak hours), or try something new entirely like advertising through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

When marketing, think about your customer’s journey from the beginning–before they even know you exist. What are some ways to get them interested before they research more on their own?

It may take a few tries at different channels and various content types (video vs images) but eventually something will stick! Be patient with yourself as well as your marketing team and know that your greatest successes are probably yet to come.

For any reason, if marketing is not successful – consider revamping strategy or finding a new company who can assist you with this part of the business development process! Having an effective market plan will make it easier for everyone involved in the long run. It’s important to be open to changes and take advantage of what’s been successful in the past.

If you hit a wall, don’t give up! There are always new ways to get creative with your marketing approach that will hopefully help push you over that obstacle or find a solution if things aren’t going well for whatever reason.

Keep track of progress on your marketing plan by using software like Hubspot CRM, Google Analytics and Moz.

You can also use tools like Google Trends and Facebook Insights to see what’s popular in your market at any given time. There are several ways to get data on past marketing efforts! The importance of marketing strategy with analytics is to capture the key metrics that are relevant for your campaigns.

A/B test everything (content, timing of posts, etc.) to make sure you’re getting the best results for yourself as well as your target audience who is interacting with it all. You never know what will work until you try something new out so don’t be afraid to take chances when experimenting with different strategies!

Once you start to see trends in your marketing data, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy to better optimize your campaigns. Eventually, you will start to have a clear marketing flow that you can use to scale your business as you get new customers.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell

Once you have a solid marketing strategy, it’s easier to scale your business and get more customers.

Key Takeaway: Marketing is the key to getting new customers! It might take some time to find out what works best, but eventually something will stick! Don’t give up on yourself or your team members just yet- everyone has good days and bad ones so know that if things aren’t going well today they may be better in the future. Optimizing different types of content for specific audiences makes all the difference when trying to attract them in order to grow your company together.

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