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The Career Accelerator Program is for anyone who wants to own their career and finally feel like they can be successful.

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You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate access to our online curriculum.

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The program includes 6 weeks of transformational content to uncover your purpose and leverage your strengths to create the career of your dreams.

Welcome To The Career Accelerator Program:
Your Golden Ticket To Professional Development.

Things can be challenging when entering the career arsenal. What seemed to be your dream job may not meet your expectations after all, or you may find a new challenge that suits you best along the way.


You realize that taking the next step and pursuing different professional goals is the way to go.


However, your fear is holding you back. You end up undermining yourself and feeling stuck in a career that does not fulfill you anymore.

Time To Regain Your Self-Confidence
And Find Your Real Career Purpose!

Introducing The Career Accelerator Program: The Online Course That Will Help You Discover Your True Career Ambitions And Empower You To Go After Them!


When it comes to making serious job development decisions, there is no room for insecurities and second thoughts. You need to unveil your passions and then prepare yourself with a career growth plan that will lead you to success.


The Career Accelerator Program is created to bolster and assist you find your ideal career orientation. Designed off of Benjamin Preston’s book “Harness Your Butterflies: The Young Professional’s Metamorphosis To An Exciting Career,” this online course seeks to turn your self-doubt into self-certainty and motivate you to follow the career development of your dreams.


Starting any new job, especially near the beginning of your professional career, can bring uncertainty and a lack of self-confidence at times… I feel more empowered to take charge of my career and look toward what my future can hold!
Lauren M.
Benjamin Preston has beautifully highlighted the challenges in contemporary professional life and provides a guide that will help you bolster confidence in yourself to take on the seemingly daunting challenges.
Tejas T.
I just graduated from college a year ago, and I felt a little anxious about the future of my career. Benjamin Preston shares practical strategies for young professionals, and he shares some stories that I think everyone can relate to. I highly recommend anyone looking to have a passion-filled and exciting career!
Abby P.
Woman with Boss Ring on Benjamin Preston's website

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Here Are 3 Reasons You Should Enroll In The Online Course Today:

Find Practical Ways To Achieve Your Career Goals: the Career Accelerator Program does not focus only on theoretical topics but includes actionable steps that will help you get to your ultimate career destination.

Developed By And For Young Professionals: the course is designed by Benjamin Preston, a young professional who has experienced this phase of uncertainty and knows firsthand the difficulties you have to overcome.

Have Access To Helpful Content: the career development program covers an unrivaled range of topics while integrating top talent development frameworks used by the most successful businesses to help you accelerate your career.

Still Skeptical?

The online course features six modules, all aiming to transform you into an ambitious, goal-oriented, and successful professional:

Week 1: The Excitement Principle

Week 2: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Week 3: Understanding The Work

Week 4: Improving Your Soft Skills

Week 5: Lead Your Life

Week 6: Impact Starts with You

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