What to Do When You’re Bored at Work

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What to Do When You’re Bored at Work? Some people may believe that working is simply a thing that one does for money. While it is true that today most of us work for an income, many of those who work would say that the main reason why they get up and go to work day after day is because they enjoy it. What’s more, even if we don’t particularly like our job or are bored with what we do, nearly three quarters of employees still believe in the importance of their role within the company.

It goes without saying then, whether you love your job or find yourself extremely bored at work on a regular basis, there are ways in which

If you find yourself constantly bored at work, it may be time for a job change. However, if you are only bored occasionally and would like some solutions as to what you can do about it then keep reading. Check out these suggestions below that will help cure your boredom the next time it happens.

If you are like the average person, chances are most days will be spent working. While many people take pride in their career and find meaning in what they do on a daily basis, sometimes it is hard not to get bored with routine. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, boredom can occur when there is no longer any new information to seek out. Luckily for us though, we have some suggestions that should help cure your boredom while you still are at work! Consider these five ideas below as well as other ways you may be able to fight boredom at the office.

Paying Attention to Where You Allot Your Time

Did you know that the average person makes over 35 decisions about their career in the first 10 years of working? What’s more, by age 40 we make another 46,000 decisions regarding our work. What this means is that a majority of those who are bored with their job may simply need to reevaluate how they approach it. Take some time to think about the following questions and consider how your daily routine might be able to benefit from adjusting your schedule.

What would happen if you were to alter the way in which you allocated your time? What could be achieved if you were to change the goals that you set for yourself and others?

It can be easy to assume that boredom is simply a state of mind; however, there is more to feelings of being bored than what may initially meet the eye. What this means is that there are various forms of boredom and not all will include an overwhelming desire to pull out your hair while simultaneously yawning. What’s more, being bored with work is also different from finding work boring or just plain monotonous. There are actually various factors which can determine what type of boredom experiences at work.

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Understanding Your Career Mobility Options

Another reason you may be bored at work is because you’re not working toward anything. You might have lost sight of what your next step looks like. What’s more, you might be in a position where there is nothing that interests you and all of the opportunities available to you are uninspiring. What this means is that it may be time for some exploration. Consider what your career options look like if you were to switch jobs or roles within the company. What would happen if you went back to school? What about trying something completely new?

Being bored can lead to certain feelings such as feeling underwhelmed, tired, or even apathetic at times. Despite these feelings though, research has shown that being bored for an extended period of time can actually have a positive impact on work ethic later on.

What this means is that boredom allows individuals to focus on a larger picture. What this ultimately means for you, is that your mind will be free to think about what you are expected to produce in the long run and just how important it will be. So start thinking about your mobility options.

Diversifying Your Day with More Interesting Things

Another way that you can fight boredom while at work is by diversifying your day. What this means for you, is making sure that there are never ever any spaces of time during the workday where you have nothing to do. Try not to assume that all tasks will be equally compelling or challenging. What’s even better than this though would be trying to find a few different things that interest you throughout the week. It is also important to put yourself in positions where you might get a glimpse into what comes next.

Step outside of your comfort zone and make an effort to learn a new skill, meet someone new or simply broaden your perspective. What might happen if you were to do one thing that made you uncomfortable per day? What would happen if you leaned into the discomfort? What can be achieved when we expand our boundaries just a little bit at a time?

It’s not always easy to take yourself out of your comfort zone, even on those days where everything feels like it’s going wrong. What’s more, being comfortable with what we know can bring security in times when change seems hard to come by. What this all means though is that taking

Plan Your Next Steps (Even Small Ones)

What this all means is that boredom at work might be a signal that it’s time to think about what comes next. Proactively plan your next steps as opposed to just sitting idle and waiting for something to come along. What wouldn’t it mean though if today was the day where you took a single step in any direction? What could happen if you were proactive about doing something instead of stagnating? What would happen if you pulled out your calendar right now and scheduled a meeting with someone new? What could happen over the course of one day if you were able to plan your next move forward? What would happen if there was never an opportunity for boredom again?

Be More Interesting Outside of Work to

When you’re bored and looking for something to do, sometimes all it might take is finding an interesting new activity. What might surprise you is how much easier all of this will become over time once you have mapped out some initial interests. What does being interesting actually mean? What does it look like when we are interested in our lives? What does this ultimately mean for us today?

Maybe the solution to your boredom lies within a few changes here and there. What might be even better is finding new ways of bringing fun back into the workplace. What in turn could help bring about a change of perspective. What might be even more powerful than this though would be sharing those small moments with others around us. What can come out of this is ultimately a sense of gratitude; something that will help re-eng

What this all means is that boredom can be a signal to think about our work in a different way. What does it look like when we are passionate about what comes next? What could possibly happen if we decided to carve out more of what’s interesting instead of waiting for just the right moment? What would it mean for you today if you were able to turn your mind off just a little bit and explore something new?


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